Looking into Brains - from Numbers to Images

Kids University Workshop Köln 2009, 2010
by Dr. Stefan Vollmar, Email: vollmar@nf.mpg.de

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

In June 2010 and in June 2009, we offered a 2h-course for children aged 10-12 years that tried to teach some principles of computer programming and imaging, with simplified examples including data from our brain scanners. This was in the context of a co-operation with Cologne University and quite different from our usual research topics.

An important part of the course's concept was to handout a CD-ROM to each participant, including all software, data and documentation for further study at home. The course was held in German, and to avoid making things even more difficult for the children, so are the CD-ROM's contents.

However, the CD-ROM's main text might also be interesting to a non-German speaking audience as we would like to share the way we used the org-mode package (Emacs) to create the HTML-documentation.

2 Colophon

The CD-ROM's HTML-documentation (in addition to this page) was created with org-mode, an extension for the Emacs editor. The format conforms to the XHTML-Standard and was created with these org-files, we use this css-file.

Emacs and org-mode are available for all major platforms (MacOS X, Linux, MS Windows, Solaris), modern Emacs distributions (Aquamacs or Emacs for Windows, any recent Emacs package on Linux) already come with org-mode pre-installed.

We think that org-mode is an excellent tool to quickly create consistent, standards-conforming HTML output. As you can define macros with raw HTML templates and use cascading style sheets, you can literally create any HTML output you desire. But this is only a tiny fraction of what org-mode can do: in fact, org-mode - used as an outliner - was also instrumental for planning the course.

3 Acknowledgements

Many colleagues have contributed to the course. I like to thank Michael Sué, Andreas Hüsgens, Roman Krais, Ingo Alt, Hans Bönner, Timm Wetzel and Cornelia Weigelt, also my daughters Miriam Hannah und Sarah Rebecca. In addition, we thank Walter Spiegel, Peter Gerlach and Alan Gauld for letting us use their Python tutorials, Gregor Lingl, Martin C. Doege and David Fraser for the modules xturtle, pysynth and bmp, resp.

Carsten Dominik and other members of the orgmode mailing list have been very helpful indeed during the creation of the HTML version.

Date: 2012-05-23T13:12+0200

Author: Stefan Vollmar