Welcome to the documentation of the pyvhist module of VHIST. VHIST is a file format, as well as a set of tools to document workflows. VHIST files are compatible to PDF, which means that you can open and inspect a VHIST file with any PDF viewer. All information stored in a VHIST file can also be accessed programmatically without any knowledge of how PDF works. We provide GUI tools, commandline tools as well as programming packages for miscellaneous programming languages to create and inspect VHIST files as well as to extract embedded information and files from VHIST files.

Pyvhist is a Python package, which you can use to create VHIST files to document what your Python program does. Info: pyvhist is for creation of VHIST files, only. We will release a Python package to inspect VHIST files in the near future.

The section First Steps shows how to download and install pyvhist as well as a few minor examples to get you started with pyvhist. The Tutorial contains a more elaborate explanation on how pyvhist works. The API Reference documents all classes and methods, which are part of pyvhist. You can use this section as a reference while writing Python programs with pyvhist. Examples contains a series of examples and recipes which show you how to achieve certain functionalities using pyvhist.

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