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  • Version History

    A complete history of all VHIST releases is available here.

  • Whitepaper

    VHIST explained: motivation and most parts of the specification. Read this document to get an idea what VHIST is and understand the techniques used by the VHIST file format. You can download the whitepaper in PDF format here.

  • VHIST Introduction Video

    You can find our PyCon.DE 2013 presentation of VHIST on youtube. The talk gives an introduction to VHIST and then shows some examples on how to use pyvhist and vhistify. The presentation is in German.

  • User's Guide

    Documentation on how to use the VHIST reference implementation. This document describes vhistadd, vhistxl and VHISTzard. For an online version of the document, click here.

  • Vhistify

    The documentation of vhistify. Vhistify is a tool, that automatically creates VHIST documentations for existing workflows. You can find the vhistify tutorial here. A vhistify manpage is also available.

  • VHISTlib Documentation

    (Developers only) The VHISTlib source code documentation, generated with Doxygen. Useful for developers who want to incorporate VHIST functionality into their C++ programs. Contains class documentations and some examples how to use these classes. The online version of the documentation is available here.

  • Matlab Documentation

    (Developers only) An extensive tutorial for the Matlab interface to VHIST. Useful for developers who want to integrate VHIST into their Matlab scripts by adding a few lines of code. Please find the online version of the tutorial here.

  • Python Documentation

    (Developers only) An API documentation for the Python interface to VHIST. You can use this library to integrate VHIST file creation into your Python programs and scripts. You can find the documentation here.